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A Bachelorette Soiree... SANS-Strippers

Check out our fab five, out-of-the-box alternatives for your bestie's bachelorette bash!

Your best bud isn't the type to party hardy. She's laid back, loves the outdoors and is always down for an adventure. What does this mean? The traditional bachelorette party that involves booze and boys is out of the question! You need a few fresh ideas on how to throw the bride-to-be a soiree-sans-strippers, so you've come to the best place on earth for help. Check out our fab five, out-of-the-box alternatives for your bestie's bachelorette bash! 

Cuties Cooking ::You'll please your palate (taste palate that is) and “sharpen” your kitchen knowledge when you hold a cooking class in place of the customary bridal get-together. Cooking with the bride and all her gal pals is a new and fun idea! Attend a cooking class where you all can learn how to cook something together. Can't find a cooking class near you? Have a cooking class of your own. Take the brides fave dishes and cook 'em up on the spot. Have everyone add in a little “spice” of their own to create the same, yet different dish.

March 09, 2012

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Babes on a Boat ::Enjoy a night sailing into the sunset by throwing the bride a bachelorette party on a boat! Pack dinner and wine then enjoy it on the boat with the “crew.” The motion of the waves and the sound of the ocean will create a calming effect so you can sit, relax and reminisce. What an easy, breezy - literally - way to spend a nice time with bride. 

Women of Wine ::Want to plan a “grape” festivity? Opt for a wine tasting party. Grab the girls, head to your nearest wine tasting venue and get ready to become a wine connoisseur. Wine tastings are a fun alternative that make for a mellow, memory-making evening. TWC tip? If you don't live near a winery or a location that offers wine tasting, throw your own wine party. Have each guest bring a bottle of wine they like. Hand out glasses with custom wine charms and taste away! After each glass, let each lady comment on color, smell and taste. In between glasses, cleanse your palates with bread and water. Or, make a game of it and have every guest vote on their favorite and the person who brought the wine wins a prize! Talk about wine and dine!

March 09, 2012

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Misses Mystery ::At home or out on the town, put together a fun scavenger hunt that'll get the girls going! If you plan to hold the hunt at home, place riddles in places like the kitchen pantry, the linen closet or the garden. If you're planning on a night out, plant clues in the location you plan on going to. For example, if you're going to a bar place your clues with a waitress, a chef, or under a chair. Use a wedding riddle as a guide to formatting your clues. For example: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in her shoe. The first four clues should follow the rhyme AND act as a riddle. Something old, think: a photo of her first love. His picture leads to something new, her wedding dress. At the end of the riddle and the game, the winning team will be awarded with a silver sixpence or any other fitting prize. 

Darlin's Doing Good ::Our personal fave bachelorette bash alternative = darlin's doing good! If the bride loves giving back to the community, this is a GREAT and unconventional spin on traditional shindigs. Plan to have a day out with your bestie and the bridesmaids in which you volunteer or do something for a greater good. Spend time with the adorable animals at a shelter, help build a house with Habitat for Humanity or get involved in a charity walk! Whatever you ladies decide to do, you'll feel AHH-MAZ-ING for doing it. PLUS, the bride will still get a lot of QT with you and her gals. Nothing's more rewarding than girl time and giving back!

March 09, 2012

Photo Credit :: Raritan Valley Habitat For Humanity 

Easy alternatives to the age-old, traditional bachelorette party are everywhere! When planning, keep the bride and her personality top of mind and go from there. You know her the best, so go with your gut!

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