Emi Ink

Stacey Shiroma

How did Emi Ink get started?
Emi Ink was the culmination of a lifelong passion for paper and design (and a stroke of serendipity)!

How did your company get its name?
"Emi" is my middle name and "Ink" represents the printing aspect of the business. It seemed like the perfect name because I also love the art of writing and seeing what kinds of amazing things transpire when you put pen to paper.

Tell us about your favorite wedding invitation…
I have lots of special pieces, but a recent fave was an invitation I designed last year for a really lovely (and loving) couple. They decided to write love letters to each other and insert copies with their invitations. It was such a beautiful expression of love and honored the true meaning of their wedding day!

What makes your products so unique and special?
I try to capture something personal about my clients in every piece that I design. You really have to tune into a couple's personality and read between the lines because sometimes it's hard for them to articulate exactly what it is that they're looking for. It's my job to translate their dream wedding onto paper so their guests will get excited about the celebration to come!

What are you most inspired by?
Everything! My favorite phrase is "inspiration anywhere" because no matter where I look, I can be inspired by a color, a shape, a sound, a taste. I can find just as much inspiration from walking into an art gallery in Chinatown, eating a mascarpone cheesecake, or shopping at Target!

Watch Emi Ink at our Invitations, Favors & Special Touches Workshop:
Check out Emi Ink at our workshop by skipping to 3:26!

February 16, 2013

Ward Warehouse
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